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Osborne Studio Gallery – Artist of the Month: David Noalia

"the horse for me is essential, it allows me to reach any person, culture -
it is a universal theme and I am passionate about movement, elegance, power"

Noalia is an artist of vision, style and colour, renowned for his signature abstract equestrian paintings and his explorative subjects of portraiture and nature. A reoccurring theme is the Andalusian horse which captures the essence of Spain at its best – the passion, the colour and the drama.

David combines artistic inspiration with timeless beauty to create memorable canvasses that have the power to mesmerise the viewer. Influenced by the palette and light of Sorolla, brushstrokes of Velazquez and freshness of Gerard Richter, his paintings playfully reference the weighty history of painting in a contemporary and vivid light.

For his first ever British solo show, Noalia captures the vibrant festivals of Andalusia, the passion and masculinity of the bulls, together with the delicate romanticism and nobility of his equestrian subjects. We are honoured to present the first British solo exhibition of this leading contemporary Spanish painter.

‘I know how it starts, but I never know how it will end. That keeps me in a constant pulse with the painting, and in the moment that moves me. That tells me something; once it acquires its own character, it is finished. It’s not a matter of time, but sensation.’

David Noalia






Pasion II

Oil on canvas

120 x 120 cm

David Noalia



David Noalia Exhibition runs until Saturday 20th July.